lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Párrafo del día

Párrafo del día, para los que saben inglés:

‎"The stomach can be said to be digesting food, but the brain cannot be said to be thinking. The stomach is the digestive organ, but the brain is no more an organ of thought than it is an organ of locomotion. If one opens the stomach, one can see the digestion of the food going on there. But if one wants to see thinking going on, one should look at the Le Penseur (or the surgeon operating or the chess player playing or the debater debating), not at his brain. All his brain can show is what goes on there while he is thinking; alll fMRI scanners can show is wich parts of his brain are metabolizing more oxygen than others when the patient in the scanner is thinking." Neuroscience and Philosophy, pag. 143.

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