lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Awaken Conscience

By Krisaltis

The rhythm for which many persons survive, it’s possible to say, comes to the point that they cannot breath. They go and come so full bloated of stuff that practically remains a lacking of time for meditating, and just add it to the influence of diverse methods of massive persuasion to keep the people like that. Nothing new till here. The so called prejudices of classes, the problems relating to the money, in this way and more. It’s noticed that the former way of obtaining the right to marry someone for goods still prevails, but is fact, they already don’t change for objects, but it`s a tacit interchange in which one has to assemble the necessary conditions of life. That is to say, relationships on the basis of the material thing, when it might give a solution generating such conditions together. Then that base becomes different.

Today, just a few peoples are conscious of what happens in a multidimensional level. But not refering to the conscience of being merely awake or being alive. It`s understood by conscience to the perception of the facts, to the responsibility, to qualities that few persons demonstrate in such moments. Nevertheless, it´s possible to say they are selling "their conscience" by means of some books that have nothing to do with the facts. A covering of the reality that makes feel good and because of it that it`is consumed. It´s possible to estimate there´s more acceptance of own pleasure than the serious comprehension of the facts. It doesn´t affirm to understand the facts suffering is needed, not beyond to all that it`s shared here. It`s indicated that inside this autosatisfaction resides the continuity of the lack of meditating.

There is so much information the average indiviudal ignores with regard to their environment. How many are informed that not all their emotional problems are caused in order to be used as food to other entities?. How many are informed that it is so and, nevertheless, they continue in a psychological intricacy?. Then, inside all this intricacy every one goes throught, there´s a moment when brilliance radiates their environment, starting in themselves. Inside the big cities, the appraisal of the nature comes in a reduced way, such contemplation can motivate to the sensibility and valuation for the real values. This obfuscation of the appraisal of the natural thing obeys to one of so many designs of massive persuasion: to keeping people in the oblivion of the natural pace. Nevertheless, it’s right here when the action has to be given. Neither the universities nor the schools work it out so much. They just have the habit of promoting the raw competitiveness, which goes in detriment in ourselves too, eating away the human sensibility. " Life is kind of that hard ", it´s a habit of saying. It doesn´t refuse itself, but it doesn´t refuse either there are conditions designed by the way, not just for the monetary profit, but also for the world manipulation, trying to reduce, to simplify, the comprehension of what flows, that doesn´t need to compete but to collaborate together, in diversity of perceptions.

A worldwide average individual isn´t used to live more than hundred years, which certain percentage spends it sleeping, and they would be fewer years with the opened eyes. This beating, the universe, ride, more or less, approximately thirteen billion years. So it´s necessary to ask ourselves if what we do is what really is born from us. It isn´t omitted in view of the economic conditions we´re used to choose for the most profitable thing. Not new at all, in every society in shift it has been given in different ways. Now we would wonder if we will allow that this stage of physical life should obey every society.

Then others would choose to say they must first obtain the favorable conditions and then to devote what is born from theirselves. Nevertheless, in the majority of the cases, it´is not given in this way, and we finish with we have tried to avoid. On the other hand, the offer would be great if there is a real base born from ourselves, and not the merely material question. And some of us know the success smile on us, just to say, to whom do that. This "success" is not just economically, that above mentioned it´s just one of the consequences of so many. I refer to the abundance. To feel in the indicated place, doing what has to be done as indicated from the being originaly. And this is not an offer to the volunteer, but to take the full conscience as a base, known as brilliance and to be centred, without going to the detriment of the others and of the environment.

There might sound very utopian of what is shared in this text. Nevertheless, I indicate that they are some of the qualities that deserve to be put into practice. If one proposes to doing it, it´s very possible to be considered far away. Again, nothing new, since those who think for theirselves are labelled in that way. Yes, it´s a question of thinking for ourselves, of feeling for ourselves in relation with the existing multidimensionality. To realize of what happens in ourselves. How many persons pass throught the streets without almost having a real sense of what they are?. As soon as one is clearly of being, then the relations among persons, events and in this way and more, will be very different. This makes clear for the fact we are tend to shape the corresponding community. Nevertheless, neither refuses inside this community they could exist, in fact there are, entities entrusted to support in energetic and psychological distortion to every one. Then all this matter of optimizing the relations with others starting with ourselves, it´s not merely anything relating to the thought - feeling plane, but it has a influence towards who doesn´t limit on having thought and feeling.

It´s not about of reading words like these. It´s about of what each one could do from where they are and what they have in hand. To break with the psychological vice that indicates to remain like this. However we could rise up in a "social class" and stay fine, in the mental thing, as the typical person who was, with some modifications, without a transmutation, if it´s wanted, substantially of the being. We are going to remain with the crossed arms?. It´s about the planet, not only the humanity, but of diverse species. It´s not about nationalities, but of the fact we live in this place. Do we have to ask for help from illuminated masters? It´s not just to continue with. For example, the Greeks were doing with their gods, just as now with more or less special effects. And refering to this, this matter of the illuminated teachers is also a route to manipulate people. Just to see the messages that seem to be directed to children of low age. We can, and have to trust, though we can refuse either there are entities that collaborate with us honestly.

So this is the moment. With this writing I have the intention of sharing what I understand. So let everyone to find their own rythm.


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